Advanced Prostate Cancer Clinic

The Highest Quality of Care in the Region

North Idaho Urology is the only practice in the northern panhandle that provides an Advanced Prostate Cancer Clinic (APCC) that is dedicated solely to men with advanced prostate cancer and their specific healthcare needs.

NIU has established a specialized team to provide personalized cancer care while providing support for the patient and their family from the time of diagnosis through treatment and follow up.

Our Advanced Prostate Cancer Clinic Team Provides:

  • Urologists who specialize in treating advanced prostate cancer. Our physicians have in-depth knowledge of the disease and new treatment options.
  • Prostate cancer nurses, including an advanced prostate cancer nurse navigator, to help patients understand treatments, coordinate care and access resources.
  • Comprehensive care focusing on individualized patient needs and wishes.


Barb S.
“I was passing through Idaho this summer and contracted a severe UTI requiring immediate attention for complicated reasons I won't go into. I called this office hoping by some miracle. They were wonderful, and got me in immediately.”
Randy M.
“OMG!!!! The Rezum procedure was performed in mid-November 2018. It's finally working! I've finally been able to sleep. Instead of getting up 5,6,7 times each night, for the past 3 nights, I've only been up once per night. Yippe Ki Yah!”
Jim B.
“Dr David Flores performed a prostate procedure on me this last week. The results are already amazing. Dr. Flores made me feel very comfortable with some very uncomfortable procedures. I highly recommend him!!!
Matthew F.
“Had a non scapel vasectomy by Dr. Ellison today. The whole process from checking in to the procedure itself was exceptional. Thank you so much for making it such a comfortable experience (as much as can be expected with a vasectomy)!”

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